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—” Arian Terminal Co. ”  was originally established as a sister company  to  ” Goldoozan Trading ” .

—” Goldoozan Trading ” was established back in 1984 as a private organization in Tehran, IRAN primarily for manufacturing ” Rail Mounted Electrical Terminals ” for Industrial  Boards. In 1988 the business of import and sale of Plastic Raw Materials was added to it’ s activities.

—” Arian Terminal Co. ” was established as a Limited Liability Company in Tehran, IRAN in mid 1988. The objective of the company was: manufacturing, expansion, distribution, and export of plastic, or metal products.

—In 1997 ” Goldoozan Trading ” started  it’ s activity as distributor of “DSM” Engineering Plastic Raw Materials in IRAN.

—In 2002, ” Arian Terminal Co. ” and ” Goldoozan Trading ” were placed under one umbrella with regard to import and distribution of  Plastic Raw Materials.

In 2004 Arian Terminal Co. became the official agent and distributor of DSM engineering plastic BV.

  • In March 2016 the contract between ATC and DSM has been terminated.


Yparex B.V. is headquartered in Enschede, the Netherlands, next to its main production facilities. This ensures short lead times for European customers. Of course, global deliveries via major shipping ports are also available – either by ordering directly with Yparex B.V. or working through its network of agents and distributors.
Yparex B.V. has an office on the Chemelot Campus in Geleen (the Netherlands) where the Marketing & Sales organisation and Application and Technical Support group is based. The Chemelot Campus offers world class analytical and physical testing facilities to support the continuing development of new and innovative products. All the know-how to further extend the Yparex product portfolio is within reach with partners just around the corner. Partners such as DSM Ahead and DSM R&D Solutions have in-depth knowledge on material science and analytical techniques to help the customers of Yparex. Developing high-tech grades for customer’s specific needs is a service Yparex is proud of.